What Is LANAP® Treatment?

LANAP Therapy
Gum disease is a common oral health condition that occurs as a result of a bacterial infection. Bacteria irritate your gum tissues, which triggers an inflammatory response from your immune system. This causes your gums to become swollen. Without treatment, gum disease only continues to worsen, leading to gum recession, loose teeth, and tooth loss. At Karl Zeren DDS, we can help to restore your oral health following the development of gum disease with Lanap laser therapy.

What is Lanap?

Lanap is an FDA approved laser treatment designed to treat gum disease. It stands for laser-assisted new attachment procedure. The Lanap laser uses a concentrated beam of light that enables us to target and remove diseased, infected gum tissue. The laser can be adjusted to eliminate bacteria from periodontal pockets, disinfecting them. Furthermore, the laser can also aid in regenerating new tissue, which helps your gums to heal faster.

How is Lanap Laser Therapy Done?

While Lanap is much less invasive than traditional periodontal surgery, we still provide a local anesthetic before we begin. This helps to ensure that you feel no pain, which can help you to feel more relaxed and comfortable during treatment. Before we begin, we measure your periodontal pockets to determine just how deep they are. We then begin treatment with the Lanap laser.

The laser is first used to selectively target and remove infected gum tissue. Because the laser is so accurate, we can remove only what is necessary, leaving perfectly healthy tissues alone. Next, the laser is used to kill the bacteria lurking in your periodontal pockets. As this is done, the laser helps to break up deposits in the pockets, which makes scraping the surfaces of your teeth much easier. After the buildup has been cleared from your teeth, the laser is once again used to kill any lingering bacteria, effectively sterilizing the pockets. Finally, the laser light can be used to seal your periodontal pockets and stimulate the growth of new, healthy, tissue and enabling your gums to heal from the inside out.

What to Expect After Lanap Treatment

Even though Lanap is less invasive than traditional periodontal surgery, there is still a recovery period following treatment. Some discomfort is common in the first few days following treatment, but it can often be managed with over the counter pain relievers. We closely monitor you while you heal, adjusting your bite as necessary to prevent your teeth from colliding with one another. This may involve the creation of a specialized splint that should be worn as instructed while you heal. It typically takes 6 to 18 months to fully heal from treatment.

Benefits of Lanap Laser Therapy

Lanap laser therapy provides several benefits.
•  Using a laser light is much less invasive than traditional periodontal surgery.
•  The laser is incredibly accurate and can significantly reduce pain, swelling, and bleeding.
•  We can target only infected tissue, leaving your healthy tissue completely intact.
•  Healing times are generally shorter.
•  The laser aids in stimulating the growth of new soft tissue as well as bone.
•  Your risk of post-surgical complications is greatly reduced.

Lanap laser therapy provides an effective treatment for stopping the progression of gum disease and helping your mouth to begin healing. Call Karl Zeren DDS at (410) 316-6141 today to learn more and find out if Lanap laser therapy is right for you.

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